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    This is a story/diary of a 3-year relationship that has long ended, the lessons I’ve learned, the hits and blows, the fun and the sorrow. Everything happened for a reason. Relationships are like books, they teach you stuff. I don’t think mine has something to offer you at all but feel free to read it.

    This is my canvas of hurt and entropy. 

    Love, At My Darkest Vol. 1: Summer Wars (2011-2012)

    By: Angelo Jose Riggins Acosta


    1. Summer Wars

    2. Carla

    3. The Rainy Days Spent Close To The Carnival

    4. Signs Of Dampness Part I

    5. Signs Of Dampness Part II

    6. An Ever Growing Snake

    7. Serpentine

    8. Shhhh….stay down my hell hounds, we don’t need to

    9. …as the roots rise up the ground, growing back to where it came from and ended…love (end)

    Credits: That girl who made me eat peanut butter + strawberry jam + sardines + egg + mayo +hot sauce + onions + choco spread + soy sauce + vinegar + pork and beans, in one pandesal.

  2. …as the roots rise up the ground, growing back to where it came from and ended…love.

    "Help me…i can’t breathe anymore"

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  3. Shhh….stay down my hell hounds, we don’t need to

    "It’s okay now…"

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  4. Serpentine

    "Your skin under mine"

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  5. An Ever Growing Snake

    "Get out of here!"

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  6. Signs Of Dampness Part II

    "Oh, vodka…"

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  7. Signs Of Dampness Part I

    "No answers at all…she could live without me."

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  8. The Rainy Days Spent Close To The Carnival

    "Why Can’t  This Summer…Love Me?"

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  9. Carla

    "That petite girl who should have been, but was already taken…"

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  10. Summer Wars

    "It was a February…2008…that dance…a waltz made me fall in love with her"

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Unfortunately, you have been hypnotized to read this.

Love, at my darkest is a blog of "Years of hurt and entropy" by Angelo Jose Riggins Acosta. From the progression town Rosales, Pangasinan.

I'm a college student, I spend most of my time dealing with my past and my present mishaps. Love doesn't exist!

I just wrote a verse for a song I'm currently writing, and it goes:

"You can put my love on a flask, I don't really care. Because I'm leaving you behind. Your sharpest words cut like the daggers you left in my heart. So bring your war and your jealousy to someone else."

My physical epicness:

-I just cut my hair so...
-No I'm not a sexy gym queer
-Eats a lot
-Drinks a lot
-Trying to quit those cigars
-Sporty? Well if you'd consider BMX, Swimming and Darts
-Music: Post Hardcore, Metalcore, Progressive Rock, Indie Rock/Pop, Electronicore, Experimental
-Friendly? No

This blog is just a canvas for my craving thoughts that I can't say in reality. Not a sell out shit and not a big shot commercial phenomenon.

I do a lot of reading (novels), travelling, mind setting, DIY filming and Music Production.

"Love" is something I try to figure out while I am "at my darkest" to understand why people want to jump to loving someone so badly, when we all know that after a few years later, you'd find yourself trapped, tied up and your tiny world would just be between you and your partner. Through an inch of the hole, you'd take a peek of the rest of the world. There is where you should be, not a sex doll or a macho machine. That would suck!

Well I'm young and maybe I don't get the common things that grown ups have in common.

Maybe I was just reflecting through my past experiences that of: LOVE

This blog helps me recover and also host my visions of a life without the thorns, tangles and chains of infatuation.